Heritage Visuals was created with one vision in mind, to preserve our client's most important memories, for them to forever cherish and pass down from generation to generation. We know how easy it is to forget all the little details of our most exciting moments in life. We are here to change that, to memorialize your most important days, for you to cherish have forever. We are here to capture these moments, so you can enjoy them carefree, then and forever.

About our Films

We are incredibly happy that you are here, interested in looking more into our company to make sure that we are the right fit for you! It's great  to hear from you!

Let me tell you a little about what we typically do for most clients, to give you the best idea of what we can do for you guys! Our typical film that we deliver is what we call a highlight film. Depending on the package, this can range anywhere from 4 to 14 minutes (but can be catered to however long our brides and grooms decide fit into their needs and budget), and highlights the most important parts of the day.

It is then put together to tell a cinematic story of their day. We shoot from the time the girls and guys are getting ready in the morning, to the moment the bride and groom leave at night. Basically everything that happens that day, we are there to shoot.

We then take all the footage, and put together a film that recaps the day as cinematically as possible. We capture audio from the ceremony, from the speeches, and from reading any letters to and from one another, and lay that throughout the video, to tell the story of the day in a cinematic way.

You may have seen some of our films, but located to the right ->
are a few of our newest films!

Your Investment


Below is our basic pricing guide, which is just to show you our β€œstandard” right out of the gate packages. We use this mostly to give our couples a better understanding of the basic things, but almost all of our weddings are customized quotes that cater to their budget, needs, and special requests as best as possible so that they get exactly what they want. Because most brides and grooms do end up with specialized quotes depending on exactly what they want, we would LOVE to hear more about your big day, your wants and your needs, and anything else you would like to share!

"This work is timeless"
- the knot

The prices below reflect our standard prices, but keep in mind, it is our goal to keep our clients budgets in mind to create the best custom quote per couple. So reach out and let's create something together!

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Contact us today to let us know the exact details of your big day for a more accurate quote!

Other captured features can be added to your big day as a la cart
items, and we would be more than happy to let you know those details at
your request! We look forward to hearing
from you soon!


book before 10/01/17 to get
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While we are locking in dates for next year, we are offering our most popular length of a 5-7 minute highlight film @ a discounted price of $2000! So if you are interested in that, let us know and I can get into more details with you!


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